The Military Veterans MCC is a National Military based motorcycle club with our origins in the North of England and was formed by three friends who enjoyed riding motorcycles. Although some of us were still serving in HM Armed Forces, those that had left the service found that after military life, things were different. There was something missing, there did not seem to be any camaraderie in civilian life. We wanted the club to bridge that gap between serving personnel and veterans

We were officially sanctioned in 2016 and have been proudly wearing our colours ever since.

The Military Veterans MCC logo comprises of a Skull, Grenade and Crossed Bayonets. The Bayonets and Grenade represents our Military Ethos, and the Skull represents that we enjoy the MotorCycle set and Club life. The colours black and green are symbolic to everyone who has served, as we wore them every day.

Our club motto is ‘FRATER MEUS’ which means ‘my brother is my sword’.

To become a member, you must be serving, or have served, in HM Armed Forces for a minimum of three years, own and ride a motorcycle over 500cc, and your conduct on discharge must be good or above. We do not accept riders from the reserves unless you have previously served in The Regulars. We do not accept riders from the prison service or police force.

Proof of service is required

If you are interested in joining our club, please contact us on military.vets@outlook.com and someone will get back to you.